The NaturAloe Story


Carrington scientists discover the active ingredient of Aloe Vera “Acemannan” & develop a proprietary process method to extract it.

1989 - 2009

Carrington establishes its operations in Costa Rica, a country with unique conditions to elaborate Acemannan.


NaturAloe acquires Carrington Labs assets and intellectual property.

2009 - 2021

NaturAloe continues to improve its unique products, developing new extracts, and increasing Acemannan level by over 30%.


NaturAloe together with Dr. Ariel Katz, establish ACETECH - a leading supportive healthcare company through integrated technologies.


Based on years of applied research and clinical trials, NaturAloe continues to improve and elaborate this unique Acemannan extract.

Located in Costa Rica

Having tropical climate and fertile volcanic soils, we guarantee year-round Aloe Vera production with the highest level of Acemannan molecule.

We manually harvest mature leaves and expeditiously process them assuring that only fresh, hand-washed and manual process is used, thereby protecting the therapeutic properties of the plant.


NATURALOE is the only company that is able to extract the active ingredient, Acemannan, from the Aloe plant leaving it in its most natural form.

Our products are used in different market segments.


Our unique Acemannan extract is an ideal product for the formulation of pharmaceutical, medical device products and skin care applications.

Acemannan in pharmaceutical applications

Nutritional Supplement

Our products have been used successfully as Nutritional Supplement for over 30 years and are supported with numerous clinical studies and proven track record.

Acemannan as Food Supplement


"Aloe Meal" - A dry powdered,  high fiber and high complex carbohydrate content meal with primary removal of anthraquinones.

Acemannan in animal feed and veterinarian applications    

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